Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Psychic Powers

Apparently I have a plethora of psychic powers that I've just been too lazy to develop my whole life.  Funny world, isn't it? 

I apparently have the power to molest children with my thoughts through a photograph.  It's strange, but apparently all pedophiles have this power.  It's why the government thinks it's so important that pictures of children should never be in the hands of pedophiles.   At first, I thought this was only supposed to work if the kid was being molested in the photo, but apparently it works just fine whether the kid has ever been molested or not, and the effect isn't blocked by clothing.  Pity it only works on pictures of children, but at least it works long after those children have grown up. 

I've also apparently got laser vision.  If I look at someone long enough, I'll bore a hole right in their bodies like Superman.  Only good explanation I have for the fact that folks work so hard to control which direction I point my eyes.  Weirdly, this one apparently has nothing to do with the powers I get from being a pedophile.  Apparently all men have this ability. 

I hear women get mind reading powers.  I think I'd have more use for that in my everyday life than the heat vision. 

I do at least get the power to unconsciously and undetectably mind control women and children.  It's apparently impossible for either group to refuse to do anything I ask of them.  In fact, apparently I don't need to say a word for it to be me controlling their actions. 

So, any suggestions on a costume for my new career as a Superhero? 


  1. The way you rights seems bitter and anger. You also sound arrogant and selfish. Then again pedophiles tend to be this. You want to shove your dick in premature parts for your own pleasure. I doubt that you understand children have complex needs and aren't fuck objects. You seem like the kind of person who would get a child to "consent" through lying (i.e. claim to care about them and that you will be friends just to drop them for another "sexy" girl). You don't seem to value a child besides what they can offer you sexually.

    1. Bitter and angry, you say? Strange that someone who assholes keep accusing of molesting children with my mind would be bitter and angry, isn't it?

  2. *write

    So much for not proofreading. Then again unless it involves you using up little girls i doubt you care.

  3. You have been watching and sharing child porn. Yet you pretend to care bout children. Even other pedophiles have to avoid you.