Friday, October 24, 2014

Do Not Vote for Democrat Josh Derke

While researching the current status of pedophilia as it relates to anti-discrimination law as a favor to a businessperson looking to improve his company's own policies and not be on the wrong side of history, I ran across an article by Democratic candidate Josh Derke.

In short, an anti-gay hate group emailed a number of candidates with biased surveys conflating pedophilia with homosexuality in an effort to torpedo support for gay marriage.  Josh Derke sent them a scathing response letter telling the hate group where to shove it.  So far, so good, and were that all there was to it, I'd be fully endorsing the man. 

Unfortunately, as part of his letter, he felt the need to bash pedophiles, treat us as though we were criminals, and generally demonstrate his antipathy towards us.  If I hear about any candidate for public office expressing anti-pedophile sentiment, I won't vote for him or her.  I recognize that such sentiments are common and likely unavoidable in elected candidates, but that doesn't mean I need to give my support to people who EXPLICITLY identify themselves as my enemies, regardless of what other positions they hold that I otherwise agree with. 

I have posted the following response to his campaign website where he posted the survey and letter, though at the time of this post's writing, the comment is lingering in moderation.


I’m sorry to say that you’ve just lost my vote, Josh.

I share your outrage at the discrimination LGBT individuals suffer, and I share your desire to see them get the rightful protections due to them in a free and fair society.

But as you say in your letter, “Pro-family is not demonizing and dehumanzing people because they’re different than you are. It is not labeling a group of people immoral because you don’t understand human sexuality.”

And unfortunately, that’s precisely what you’re doing to pedophiles, demonizing and dehumanizing them because they’re different than you are, and labeling them immoral because you don’t understand human sexuality.

Pedophiles are not the same thing as child molesters, and treating them as though they are the same is utterly unacceptable for a person holding a position of power. The overwhelming majority of pedophiles do not molest children, and this is something you should be aware of before speaking on the subject and certainly before hoping to make law.

To reiterate, I have no interest in defending the bastards who wrote that survey, since they’re obviously not actually concerned about minor attracted persons, and are just using them as a bludgeon against another sexual minority they want to hurt by the association.

I would have been 100% with you on the letter telling them off were it not for this issue, but you’ve crossed a line here, and until your position changes, I will no longer be voting a straight democratic ticket.

He lost.


  1. Although you do not ,molest children you hyper sexualize them, tell people they are bigots for not letting you fuck them and you tend to discuss those who do molest kids as if the crime is barely a crime.

    I don't get pedophiles who argue that kids want sex from adults, vehemently state that kids can consent, call us bigots for disagreeing and claim the only thing stopping you is the law. People have a right to be cautious. People break laws all the time who are less desperate and eager as you are for your crime. Your comments online do not give the feel of "hey i do not want to offend and dont care for my desirez" rather"you can trust me with little girls. They are sexy, sex starved girls and i want them bad. They can consent and i know it is impossible for me to coerce them because little girls are just as smart and mature as me"

    Err nobody trust a pedophile especially one who is pro contact cause little girls sexy, and sees nothing wrong with using them. The way you speak and think turn into actions. Threats (words expressing desired action) are taken seriously so why shouldn't your words of wanting to use up little girls be disregarded?

    Maybe those bullies broke your brain, or just made it worst. After making those friends who played rough with your wimpy self scared you to anyone past a certain age. I'm sure you love little girls because they can't beat you up.

    1. Not many people can beat me up these days. I got really involved in martial arts after that bullying incident. It was a great boon for my self-confidence, and left me no longer casting my eyes to the ground and projecting an image of an easy victim.

      Anyway, you've fundamentally misunderstood why I don't have sex with kids. I don't believe in following the law because it's the law. I'm a big fan of civil disobedience, and ignoring unjust laws. I'm likewise arrogant enough to think I could get away with breaking the law.

      The problem is that you and your ilk are constantly threatening to hurt and devalue kids who engage in sexual activity, and I care about them too much to subject them to your fuckwittery.

      See: you talking about how sex is "using up" someone. Seriously, that is a fucked up worldview.

  2. Not using up children actually caring ca ring for them.November 8, 2015 at 3:26 PM

    Your only purpose is to use up children. It bothers you but you only talk about children sexually not actually concerned with children well-being. Children having sex with adults is not only harmful but lacks significance in society. You were a teacher to children yet still failed to learn that a sex life with adults isn't actually necessary nor important. If you cared or tried to understand children you would actually see them more as people and not sexual objects. You don't like the term "used up" because it describes your intention based on reality not your delusions. "Used up" is disturbing and heartbreaking but that is how you want to be towards girls. Plenty of women who didn't have sex as a child grow up fine. While others who did grown-up with issues. Many women actually didn't tell people until thy were adults what happened to them while they were child. You of course blame society because your beliefs, thoughts and feeling override the victims. Peculiar how you feel people don't listen or respect child as people yet when they want to talk about their sex abuse you undermine their feelings (hey I thought you listened to kids and treated them like people?)  And tell them (as the adult) that they weren't abused but society has abused you. Which is it? Do children know what they are talking about or do adults like yourself ignore their personhood and tell them how to feel. Odd. Aren't you dehumanizing children by telling them how to feel about their experience? I though only the mean evil guardians did that! Here I thought you were a messiah here to save children. Because the average adult regrets not being sexually active with an adult as a child? Do you regret not having sex with an adult as a child? You would have to or else your argument would be further destroyed.
    Funny how only pedophiles claim society is to blame. Why don't adults who enjoyed sex as a child with an adult come forward and join your movement? Since you truly believe that where are all these well adjusted adult sex people? All I seen (through research, talking with survivors, therapists who deal with this) is the sex harmed the child. I let them speak about it instead of correcting them based on my views. You don't rather you tell them anout their experience.
     Or you dimiss them because it doesn't support your delusions. With blaming society, you fail to realize when people came forward that they called it rape/molestation before anyone in "society" could. Their stories don't depict child who understood sex, had informed consent, etc. Their stories show they were used for the adult's own sexual gratification. The adult even threaten a child to stay silent. Yeah it is society's fault child abusers threaten children, lie, groom,  mislead, etc. A person who cared would never threaten/lie/hurt a child.
     If you don't like "used up" consider what you want and your fantasies. Don't your fantasies involve that? Especially the one where you kill the girl and have sex with her dead body. Nothing you have said shows you don't plan on "using up" girls. You don't discuss girls outside of your sexual desires. When a person has only has sexual interest they use the person. You want to use girls for sexual gratification they have no value to you outside of that. Their value goes down especially when they become adults. You might fail to understand this because you are a virgin not understand what is involved in sex.

  3. If you didn't actually use up children then why not show yourself? If you truly believe that children are not being treated as people then you would risk everything to achieve this. You would be an actvist. Your name has radical in it. Yet you hide behind anonymity. You seem to think you are a messiah for children while us guardians are evil and dehumanizing to children. If you really cared about children and felt you they didn't have the rights you would fight for them IRL. You only care about your right to have sexual access to children. You don't even consider that children might not want to have sex with you or any adult.

    You don't caretakers actually do the work for kids. We spend time with them, we love them, care for them, raise them, teach them, play with them, help then when they are down, make the laugh, sacrifice for them, cheer for their accomplisments, encourage them etc. All you want is to fuck them and move on. Yet you are better for kids? If you are so great for kids then why haven't you adopted or fostered them? Surely you would make a better guardian than all of us because you actually care no? You should definitely show us how it is done since we are so wrong. Lead by example. Since you are radical for youth rights surely you will do anything to help children which includes adopting, fostering, volunteering, donating money, etc
    And that's the real problem, of course. Once again, this is not now, nor has it ever been, about protecting children. It's about disempowering them and keeping them under control. Tell them the truth and they'll be able to make their own decisions based on the facts and their own desires."

    You clearly have never cared for a child. You really think children will do what is best? Okay then adopt and foster since you are so wise. Or write a parenting book. You won't because you don't know anything about kids nor care about them. Just how you can use them sexually. You are actually projecting unto others with the whole "n

    Here is how I know you will be a good parent.
    " I fantasize about both consensual and nonconsensual sex with little girls. Frequency varies with my general moods, though in the opposite direction one might expect. I'm more prone to sadistic rape fantasies when things are going well in general and I'm calm. I'm more prone to tender, consensual fantasies when I'm more stressed. I suppose it makes sense that I'd fantasize about being appreciated more when I'm at a low moment"

    Now good guardians that you detest and devalue don't feel this way about children. However I know you are some sort of messiah here to bless us to use kids sexually. So I know you will be a great parent or even mentor to little girls.

  4. The fact you created a whole test that children must take in order to have a sex shows you recognize we can't inherently assume a child is ready for sex. You actually  show that children might not be ready. Instead of trying to implement this why not let caretakers decide because they raise their children. This is a personal issue,
     IRL people don't want the government deciding their sex lives nor letting the government make decisions for kids that parents make. People don't even like the idea of government deciding what a food offered to eat in schools. You want the government to dictate sex? So parents could refuse to help their child take the test. Kids are not automous, parents make decisions for them.  Something like this would raise taxes and has to be voted on. It would never pass. Not to mention people not allowing a law like this to be taken setiously. You don't even take yourself seriously enough to show your face.

    Have your even presented your proposal to someone in politics? Why not send a letter...Oh wait despite being so sure in your argument you claim "fear for life". If you truly card about children you would risk everything for them. However because you have faux concern and desires to use them you will stay anonymous and do nothing while you claim children suffer. Yeah what you fail to realize is a good guardian will die for their child. While you can't even show your face. Some radical you are. Lol.

    Look at a website that actual deals with youth rights. Search online for youth rights.
    Notice the lack of youth wanting to fuck adults. Your rights are one sided and only serve for the purpose of using up children. Funny you are fighting for something that actually young people don't seem to care for. Perhaps you should change your name to "radical adults who want to use up children" it suits you and actually displays by our true intention.