Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm Sorry But . . .

No.  You aren't. 

I've previously made it quite clear that I detest liars and lying. 

Expressing false sympathy with a person just before you attack them holds a special place in my worldview.  People think such meaningless, obvious lies grant them the moral high ground.  They think that by expressing their false sympathy they can avoid the problem of, as the Social Justice Warrior crowd calls it, "punching down". 

In their own minds, such justifications might well let the abusers sleep at night.  Meanwhile, the best case scenario is that their victims see through the facade, and worst case the attack is compounded by the obvious insinuation that the victim is in the wrong for being upset at someone who expressed "sympathy" for their plight. 

This is a favorite tactic of bullies everywhere, and is never meant any more sincerely than an offer to call the whaaambulance.  If you're genuinely sympathetic, you'll never utter this phrase. 

"But what if the person is genuinely hard done by but is also legitimately acting inappropriately?" you may ask. 

Then you call out the inappropriate behavior OR you express sympathy.  You do one or the other, and you have to make a decision which is more important to you.  Because I guarantee that no one has ever felt sympathy when it's coming from someone who's in the process of telling him/her off. 

Pretend sympathy is a form of abuse. 


  1. Pedophiles like to lessen their devious crimes and behaviors by attacking others claiming they are the true abusers. I'm sure you see child molestation as "harmless " but fake sympathy? Death penalty!!!!!

    Child rapists and child rapist juxtaposition people (like those who view cp) do not deserve any form of sympathy even the fake kind.

    You get enough, in fact pro rape....i mean pro child fuckers......like yourself deserve less. Especially since you go on a forum dedicated to helping and instead get mad and try to stop the healing of others.

    If you are pro.... whatever go to a chan place, you'd love it. Yet you'd rather attack, mock,bitch at people who want help and to change.

    You get my fake sympathy for your fake support of anti-child rape.

    1. Congratulations on taking the message of this post to heart and wearing your hatrid on your sleeve. No false sympathy from you. Good job.

      I mean, you're still an ignorant moron who can't tell the difference between a pedophile and a child molester, but it's nice to see you can at least follow the advice in this post.

  2. "Ah, I see the asshole who's been trolling my blog has decided to cause trouble for this person as well. I can't think of a higher recommendation for this place and the ideas its owner wants to present. I'll have to check it out in more detail at some point "

    Yup you are seriously an awful human being outside of your pedophilia:

    You created this blog

    You have the option to delete posts.

    You clearly like to argue and claim to be the true messiah of children. Personality disorder perhaps?

    You are playing the victim all the time.

    You only care about a girls sexual worth to your penis. You don't care about any other aspect of her life. The ones that actually matter...

    You have no understanding of delevopmental process in humans.

    You don't even spend time around kids yet magical know what they need versus one who has actual experience around children. You only know children through your sexually fantasies thus you have no idea what girls actually are like.

    You despise good guardians because they decide what is best for their children. They know their children better than you.

    Basically you complain but you love the attention. Or else I would be banned, comments deleted , complaining on psych forum etc. Plus you have been banned from blogs (good men project) so that makes your blog the only platform to debate.

    The way you talk it is clear that if you had the chance to have sex with a girl and avoid getting caught you would or probably have. Next you probably have watched cp or else you won't think it was so innocent and healthy.

    1. I explain why you haven't been banned and your posts deleted here:


      As to your "content", I will only note that you're making a strange assumption in claiming no opportunity has ever arisen.

      Incidentally, I note that you're not responding to my statement on Psychforums. I presume it's because they don't want you there, while I'm still welcome.

  3. Innocence is not ignorance rather protecting a child. You lack this instinct, which explains why you are willing to use children for sex and hold intense hatred for us guardians. You don't believe in protecting children rather increasing the likelihood they will be hurt or even killed.  You don't believe guardians should make decisions for children, despite it being in the best interest for the child.

    Unlike guardians, children are not your first priority. This is evident because you want to hypersexualize children so you can use them for sex. You want to destroy the right for good guardians to raise their children. You are one who dislike generalizations about children yet you ignore those who know their child better than you. You fail to respect and understand the purpose of a good caretaker in a child's life. You make it seem as if a good guardian likes seeing children suffer. This is completely false but you believe this because it feeds your messiah complex to save the children. You also fail to realize plenty of adults are glad their parents made certain decisions for them even though they protested them as a child. So even though the parent treated their "no" or "yes" in the opposite way have positive results. You being hyper focused on sex you can't understand that overall children need guardians to have the final say in their lives. Perhaps your guardians neglected you or didn't care for you thus you raised yourself. Additionally you being bright as child further jumbled your ability to grasp a decent caretaker's role in a child's life.

    I decided to add a helpful tip with my tirades with suggestions of how to actually help kids.

    End child trafficking.

    A large portion of these victims come from foster care homes or/are runaways. Since you claim to care about children more than me or the average adult surely you will adopt or foster. I bet you have great references  (you have worked with children) And you are radical for youth rights! You won't turn this down because that would mean you are deceitful and a fraud. A person who just wants use little girls for sex! You are disgusted by that terminology. It would be fucked up for you to claim no desire to use girls sexually and that us guardians don't care about our children but don't even plan on adoption or fostering children. And it is not like you have an excuse because person who claims that us guardians don't care for our children must be willing to sacrifice more than we do for children (yes being a . So I would love to see your next blog post be about your impending adoption!

  4. You watch and share child porn. You are evil and a danger to society.

  5. You watch children getting raped on video. You are spreading proud of this you share it with others. Disgusting. You need to be in prison.

    1. Do you really need to spam multiple articles with the same lie? I'm not really sure what you get out of it.

    2. It is actually true, someone confirmed it. You were sending him child porn so he had to block you and cut off communication. You are sick, evil, wanna be child rapist. I hope you pay for your crimes.

    3. Wow. "Someone." Well, with that level of confirmation I can see why you're so confident throwing around accusations.