Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On Child Pornography

I must ask what exactly you think goes through the minds of these child pornographers? Are you implying that without this so called "market" that they would be otherwise productive members of society? Safe, normal people don't rape children for the money.

And let's get back to the subject of the so called money. How does that black market economy in illegal information work? Information (including naked pictures of kids) isn't like a bag of crack. It's not a physical object, and can be replicated infinitely from a single artifact. A person so inclined could make available every piece of information he/she had at no charge, underwriting the entire illegal "economy". Image trading sites could decimate any sort of pay site on earth, and smart buyers with similar interests could pool resources, pay only once, and supply the material to hundreds of like minded contributors.

Now, what does that tell you about this business model? It tells me that it doesn't work.

That ignores the issue of trust, which I think is a significant one. Any financial transaction must take place amid an environment of trust. I pay you five dollars, and you provide me a burger and fries. If you don't I can inform the police about this incident and they will retrieve my money. What does a person do when they deal with a child pornographer? Do they also go to the police and say "I sent this guy a hundred bucks and he never sent me any child porn"? Or is the customer to trust in the reputations of these fine, upstanding citizens to keep their words?

Now, with the practical matters out of the way, I'd like to spent a bit discussing the moral matter a bit further. Explain something to me. What difference will the viewing of child porn make to the child depicted therein? Let us assume (as per the business model I've discussed above) that no backing is given to the criminals who created it. What difference will it make to the child? Will the destroying of all the evidence cause the child to be unraped? And how are they to know when the last photo is destroyed? Answer is they won't. From an objective prospective, there will be no difference to the child one way or the other. Either way they've been through a traumatic event (and for the sake of argument I'm assuming that we're discussing a rape rather than a fully consensual act which was simply unrecognized as such by the law), and either way they'll have to deal with that and the fact that it's possible their image is "out there".

It seems to me that there is only one organization which is capable of making a profit in this enterprise. That would be law enforcement. No one questions why the FBI has the most massive database of child pornography on earth. Everyone's so happy when they run their website "stings" no one even questions what they gave away to entice people into ordering their "premium services". What they agreed to do. What they actually delivered in order to "maintain their cover a little bit longer". And who's really keeping track of the money paid to the FBI in the course of these so called stings?

I think there might be a reason why the government is having such a hard time shutting down these kiddie porn rings, and I think it has a great deal to do with the fact that the majority of their customers are within the jurisdiction of the FBI.

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  1. Pedos like your view child as objects for your selfish pleasures. You have no concern for the child and thus can support people using them. You ignore the feelings of the victims.


    Take Amy for example. You will think it is wrong for her to do this. You will blame her for more pedos raping kids because she is not accepting of people using her material to jack off. You want people like her to shut up and get over it, pedos desires and lust will out weigh her humamity. Or you think that no other child raped on camera feels this way. You will claim society made her feel bad for being raped on camera. You will blame her for "finding out" about her "popularity". You will think society is to blame for her poor mental health. You probably think all rape victims are taught by society to be dramatic about it.

    Also do you know those who share cp have found victims personal social media profiles years later and harrassed them? Like "i jacked off to your dad fucking you in the ass hard". (On chan websites they even post the screenshot poor girl's repsone.) You will pretend to feel bad but actually think "free speech, no censorship, society made her feel bad pedos never do harm"

    Yup who cares about the rights of kids? Whay about their violation of consent to: being rapes, being recorded, that beinh distrubed, the pedos enjoying it?

    Treat a bunch of "no"s like a bunch of yeses.

    Who cares about the rights of children when pedos need to whack off? So what a child did not consent to any of it? Why should children be treated like humams when that means not allowing pedos to enjoy their cp? Why should pedos think children are not smart enough to realize the innocent pedo who recorded the rape would not share it. We live in a society where people share everything how could a child possible guess the video was shared?

    Finally have you read screenshots from the deep web? Their communities where people can suggest what cp should be made? Ie "i have my niece for the weekend what should i do to her"
    Still think possessing and watching is innocent when the viewer request something? Nope still innocent.

    1. I apologize for the inconvenience. Your post was automatically flagged as spam by blogspot's software and I've only now noticed it was in the spam folder. Not sure why. Possibly it was your link.

      Anyway, to respond to your content, encouraging production, supporting the producers, whether financially or just with encouragement is not the same thing as mere viewing of the material. Harassing the individuals involved is not the same thing as mere viewing of the material.

      If you want to engage on this subject, I'm happy to do so, but let's stick to the actual topic. I'm open to having my mind changed about the ethical calculus, but lumping in unrelated behaviors isn't going to be a winning strategy there.