Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Simple Breakdown

Not only are pedophiles unlikely to rape children (in the same way heterosexual males are unlikely to rape women), but statistical evidence has shown that nonpedophiles are more than twice as likely to molest children than pedophiles are. 

Don't believe me?  I don't blame you.  Here are the statistics. 

FBI sex offender expert Kenneth Lanning stated in a 2001 interview that "About 90 percent [of child molesters] are so-called "situational child molesters" who capitalize on opportunities to molest children but don't necessarily prefer sex with children ... The 10 percent of child molesters who make up the second category are the bona fide "pedophiles," those who genuinely favor sex with children."

Here's the link to the interview:

Lanning's figure is supported by various sources.  Here is another source citing similar figures:

Studies of adult arousability has shown that pedophiles make up as much as 20-33% of the adult male population.  20% is the lowest number I've seen, but I haven't seen the actual study purporting this number.  I have seen, and can link to the study purporting the 33% figure.

For those uninterested in reading the whole article, it was done using a number of volunteers, and measuring their arousal using a device attached to the penis as they were shown different materials.  While 85% showed some arousal to pedophilic stimuli, in 33% of their test subjects, the arousal equaled or exceeded the arousal to adult stimuli. 

Taking the conservative numbers together, the math works out as follows:

Pedophile molesters 10% < 90% Nonpedophile molesters

Pedophiles 20% < 80% Nonpedophiles

10/20 is then the proportion of pedophile molesters to pedophiles relative to the figure 90/80 that represents nonpedophile molesters to nonpedophiles

10/20 = .5 < 1.125 = 90/80

The proportion thus is 1 to 2.25, making a given nonpedophile more than twice as likely to molest a child as a given pedophile.


  1. Although this is true most pedophiles engage in something illegal. They watch child porn, have what they consider consensual sex or sexual touching, inappropriate contact with a minor etc. They also like you don't care about kids outside of using them sexual. They don't care how the parents or other caretakers feel. They don't believe rape is real. They don't think any pedo is a bad person.

    Pedos aren't great people. They can't see a child as human being rather a living sex doll. They don't care about the child outside of that. If pedos in the US had legal rights our the generation of kids will cause the downfall of the US. Pedos would ruin kids. Not with the sex act alone but with how the child will think they are nothing more than a object that deserves no love, care or respect. Kids will just grow up filling empty and used.

    1. If we're so aweful, what does that say about you non-pedophiles? After all, you acknowledge that you're twice as likely to molest a child as I am.

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